Birthday color cake

The Cake-A-Nista offers delicious custom designed cakes using high quality ingredients. I just love custom cakes! I work in fondant, cake, and frosting the way an artist might work in oil paints or clay. It’s my true medium! Ok…. I was making an attempt at being funny but there is truth to it. A cake, to me, is like a blank canvas is to an artist. It is so much fun to see what can be created! I hope you can tell that each cake displays careful attention to detail.

I love talking with clients and getting their vision of what they would like in a cake. Some people have a specific idea of what they want and so I try to come as close to that as possible. There are also other people that have a general idea of what they are looking for and they give me a great amount of artistic license to create something for them. Then there are some people that really have no idea what type of cake they want other than what flavor cake and that they want it to look pretty. Whichever type of person you happen to be, I’d love to work with you and create something special for your event. You can rest assured that your guests will be delighted with the exquisite confection that is your one of a kind cake.